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Alu Vault operates nationwide and Africa, our project experience include design and manufacture and installations of framing solutions for:  Video conferencing rooms. Boardrooms, training centres, control rooms, shopping malls, exhibitions, auditoriums, press rooms, retail stores, LED outdoor advertising, factory work stations and conveyor systems.
Alu Vault designed and owns the dies for the T-slot aluminium framing solutions, which are extruded locally.  All frames are designed, cut and assembled at our Boksburg factory.
Alu Vault offers complete T-slot aluminium framing solutions from ideas to design, manufacture and installation.

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With The global market moving towards replacing large format print media with LCD public displays and outdoor LED billboards for information and advertising purposes, Alu Vault has developed a universal aluminium T-Slot framing solution to cater for all LCD public display, TV and LED billboard screen manufacturers, with installations ranging from single displays to multi-screen video walls and outdoor LED billboards.

Screen manufacturers are supporting framing solutions and installations that do not compromise the integrity of their products and will only honour warranty claims on framing solutions that meet with their requirements.

Alu Vault worked closely with various screen manufacturers and distributors to develop a world class video wall framing solution.

The Alu Vault T-slot video wall framing solution is fully adjustable to cater for the various screen manufacturers models.  Purpose made cladding solutions are offered for all public display applications.