If you need any laser cutting, look no further than AluVault, here at AluVault we are happy to meet your laser cutting needs.

Inferior Workmanship Wont Cut It!

Thats why we at AluVault offer top notch service that wont let you down.

Here at AluVault we use a high quality Fiber Laser Cutter with the power output of 1 Kilowatt and 4 Kilowat
Mild Steel to 20mm and Stainless steel 12mm and Aluminium 12mm, We also do Tube Laser cutting.

We also laser cut tube 3000mm long max sizes OD220 and 160mm Sqaure tubing

This means we can cut Mild Steel up to 20 Millimetre thick, Stainless Steel up to 12 Millimetres thick and Aluminium up to 12mm.

Aluvault Professional Laser Cutting & Engraving.

Laser service offering laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking services to businesses and to the public. We specialize in cutting and engraving wood, perspex, leather, fabric, and many more. We are also able to engrave or mark various products.We are a young dynamic company with an outstanding design team waiting to assist you.

Our design team has a passion for creativity, reliability, quality, and are extremely innovative, which ensures that our clients get exactly what they want. We help make our clients dream creations become a reality.

So when you think Laser Cutting of any non-metal items, whether they are decorative, functional or just an ornament,

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